my summer bucket list
hello i'm jessica and i want to have a not so bummer summer so i made a bucket list, come along for the journey and join in if you want, thanks :)
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update, yall !

i decided that im not gonna work on it but im also not going to stop working on it.what i mean is that i am not gonna go out and do the things on my summer bucketlist but if the opportunity pops up i will take it, thank you so much for following me it means so much to me. and also i will post an update on all the things i completed soon(maybe the weekend) since school is right around the corner(monday) and i am soooo super nervous for the first day back considering i havent been in school for over a year. any ways big thanks to yall for everything see you soon :)

soon my summer will be over and i haven’t even gotten close to completing my summer bucketlist, im still working on it but i wanted to know what you guys would be a better idea 1. i should finish what i can and save the rest for next summer or 2. just keep working on it until i complete it?

Summer bucketlist: daily pictures →

guys and gals i uploaded my daily pictures video go check it out!!! thankss

got a skateboard today, gonna go down to the local high school and try to learn

i need help!!

OKAY so i really need some good, silly, inappropriate, serious, funky, weird, awesome or whatever kinda of suggestions and ideas that you guys and gals want to give me for the alphabet pictures(42.) {example. A: with someone named adam, B: eating a banana, C: in a car, so on and so on} i really want some good and unique ideas but still do-able. im not sure if this is going to be a one day deal or if im going to work on it for a couple weeks so i need suggestions fast because i want to start workin on it tomorrow or sunday, thankss

piercing my own ears! →


okay so i know i said i was gonna do this yesterday and i didnt but here i am so yeah, anyways sometimes its hard for me to have and maintain the motivation to do things even if im really excited about them. at first i was really excited about my summer bucket list i spent so much time planning it and coming up with the ideas and everything to do with it and as it started nearing summer i got super excited that i started working on some of the things and then it was officially summer and i worked on a few things and now we are half way through summer and i have lost almost all of my motivation to work on it, im not saying that im done working on it or anything but i think that i might just have to keep working on it longer than i thought because my motivation to do anything suckssss but a huge thank you to everyone for following me and also for sending me sweet messages and thanks to those of you who followed my personal and who have become my friends through this and a big huge thanks to those who have shared their summer bucket list with me and a special thanks to special young lady who told me that i should just try to break down my summer bucket list and only do what i can so i dont stress over it too much, thankss :)

i promise i will do a much better update later on today, i have to go do something right now and then i can update yall on my “progress” but thanks for staying chilll and stuff yeah its really cool that no one has sent me any rude messages because im not really completing much stuff idk i will be back on her later

sucky update

i dont know whats currently happening with me but i havent really been wanting to work on my SBL but idk sorry.

i might film and post a diy video tomorrow, so get excited!!but not to excited because its not a for sure thing.

sorry i haven’t posted in a while

i’m starting to lose motivation already which sucks, but i’m still working on it even though i’m going at a very slow pace.

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